Friday, September 12, 2014

ePharma Buzz- 9/12

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Some weeks, the news stinks and you’re better off just sticking to ePharma headlines.  Here are some of the top five from the last seven days.    

If Apple’s Smartwatch Succeeds, Here’s How it Will Change Health, VentureBeat- Is Apple capable or transforming our lives once again?  Greg Ferenstein (@ferenstein) sees a couple of avenues for them to do so through their new smartwatch.  Much has been made about devices improving the quality of sleep and fitness regimens, but new types of data capable of being captured through Apple’s smartwatch might be what sets HealthKit apart from other health data aggregators.  

Study: Majority of Patients Willing To Try Telehealth Appointments, iHealthBeat- We've seen data before suggesting that age is a major determinant of how willing patients might be to engage with doctors digitally.  According to a survey from Fierce Health IT (@FierceHealthIT) “comfort setting up a call” and “distance from physician” were also big factors in a patient’s willingness.  But don’t confuse “willingness” for a preference.  While most indicated they were at least somewhat likely to engage in this type of appointment, 86% of patients who had never done so before expressed a preference for in person meetings. 

 7 Healthcare Trends to Watch Out for in the Remainder of 2014, Healthworks Collective- Alleli Aspili looks into the healthcare crystal ball and predicts some developments over the next four months.  Some, such as health apps being on the rise, you might have guessed but a couple caught our attention.  Specifically, the notion that partnerships will be expanding for delivery of care.  The article calls for the increase in dependence on community based groups such as “social service agencies, gyms and other non-healthcare service providers.” 

What Is Patient Engagement: Health IT Leaders Define the Term, Electronic Health Reporter- “Engagement” falls into the category of "buzz word" which sometimes causes terms to lose their meaning.  This group of leaders in Health IT provides some clarity for the rest of us.  Here’s a taste: John Simpson, President of Digital Health Strategies explains, “The bottom line is that health IT skill sets will need to evolve and expand. Effective digital patient engagement requires a new approach to technology platforms.”

Bayer’s Digital Health Accelerator Picks 5 Startups, nuviun- Pharma is becoming more and more involved in the startup scene and now, many companies are beginning to take part in these ventures.  Most notably, Merck set up an accelerator back in 2010.  Most recently, Bayer HealthCare has pledged $65,000 in seed funding to each of five tech companies hand selected from a pool of 70.  Ever heard of Qompium? They’re developing an app that can detect irregular heartbeats.  

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