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ePharma West Summary: Pre-Conference Day

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ePharma West got kicked off yesterday with our pre-conference day focused on content marketing.  If you couldn’t make it to San Francisco but are still wondering how to strategically generate quality content, you’re in luck.  Brian Shields summarized some of yesterday’s key sessions for us below.

Build trust by providing relevant content to your customers
Kevin Popovic, Communications Director Ideahaus LLC

Kevin presented to us an exciting case study on the brand development of his client.
Case Study:  Dr. Scott Andersen walked away from medicine to make a difference.  The result was Dr. A’s Habits of Health.

Kevin’s Team prioritized the following:
   - Create a communications platform
   - Develop national brand for Dr. A
   - Generate new opportunities

The team developed a presence across the most important channels:
   - Website
   - Mobile
   - iPad
   - Facebook
   - Instagram
   - Google

Images and video were the most effective sources of content and were utilized across platforms.  Specifically, images with daily motivational quotes were exceptional at generating engagement on Facebook.  Google+ generated great traffic while Facebook had the best engagement. Additionally, Instagram didn't seem to work for their older customer base.

They also created hats, t-shirts, etc to make their items on CafePress, a great source of brand development.

Summary of Successes
   + Presented a comprehensive brand
   + Packaged Dr. Wayne Andersen
   + Positioned as national personality
   + 4X increase in Web visits
   + More Media inquiries

Lessons learned
   + Start with good content
   + Packaging is imperative
   + Consistency is key
   + Amortize your investment
   + Have a plan
   + Measure your success

Tips for Success
   + Right down your goals and measurements of success up front
   + Create engagement
   + Capture moments and conversations

Communications Planning
   + Content development is an investment
   + Identify ROI in advance
   + Think about qualitative and quantitative metrics
   + Know where your audience is
   + Engagement means there is a conversation
   + Engage your audience
   + Make it easy for them the participate

Final Advice from Kevin, “Become the subject matter expert on your brand!”

Making the Most of Specific Channels: Connecting With HCPs On Their Channels
Jack Bilson III, @jackbilson3, VP, Product Innovation M3 USA

Jack provided a great overview of the online world and the specific differences between specialties and their preferences.

One key point on specialty brands: 50-70% of the active universe is ignored by pharma due to target lists.  This group of doctors that are ignored are five times more likely to be involved in a digital pharma sponsored program.

What are HCPs doing on social media?
 •  Doctors are using LinkedIn to find jobs
 •  They're using Facebook for “personal stuff”
 •  2/3 Primary care physicians are using HCP social media sites

Jack provided incredible insights on the digital preferences across specialties:

 •  Physicians value the face-to-face sales rep the most
 •  PCPs are the biggest fans of sales reps
 •  Oncologists are seeing fewer reps due to institutional practices
 •  Cardiologists like live programs more so than others
 •  Oncologists are the most difficult to focus on via digital promotion
 •  Dermatology specialists are three times more likely than PCPs to do an eDetail
 •  Oncologists have a high diversity of program preferences and they’re most satisfied with programs including a KOL
 •  Oncologists are all about the data and very topical in preference
 •  Urologists are five times more likely than a PCP to do a self-directed eDetail
 •  Self-directed eDetails and recorded KOL presentations score highly with urologists

Winning the Moment: Using Twitter to Engage in Real-Time
Jeremy Anderson, @jeremyanderson, Head of Healthcare, Twitter

Jeremy Anderson provided the group with a great summary of Twitter’s characteristics in the health care space:

Some basic facts about Twitter:
   + Twitter is live, public and conversational
   + 36 million patients and caregivers are on Twitter
   + Snickers and Listerine were among those able to capitalize on marketing during the #WorldCup
   + Ellen DeGeneres brought real time marketing with Twitter front and center with her famous Oscars Tweet

Twitter for Healthcare
   Branded profiles
   + Unbranded profiles
   + Clinical trial recruitment
   + Listening tools as a predictor or seasonal diseases –  i.e. allergy season

Healthcare conversations on Twitter:
   + Cancer 30M
   + Heart Disease 9M
   + Diabetes 8M
   + Back Pain 6M
   + Asthma 4.5M
   + Arthritis 1.5M

Twitter’s ad platforms are particularly successful when linked with live TV events. In the U.S., programs have seen an ROI increase between 8-16% when the Ad program is linked to a Twitter campaign.

Jeremy’s team is responsible for working with Pharma and the FDA to develop programs that add value to patients and meet the regulatory guidelines.

You can follow the rest of the conference by keeping tabs on #ePharma or following us at @ePharma over the next two days. 

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