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ePharma West Summary: Day Two

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ePharma West is in the books. If you were following the action on Twitter, you may have gotten a look at some of the modern marketing techniques discussed.  If not, here are some of the highlights from Day two provided by Brian Shields.  

Shifting from ROI to REO, Return on Engagement
Mike Oberg, Senior Director, Marketing Apollo Endosurgery

Mike reviewed the learnings and success of Apollo Endosurgery as they focused the marketing for their Lap-Band product on online engagement with patients.

Overall, Mike explained that brands should be overwhelmingly positive to patients on social media.

The key takeaways for a return on engagement focus:
  •         Build an infrastructure that can help you scale social policies and governance
  •         Understand your audience
  •         Identify influencers, engage with them often
  •         Tell a story that adds value to the people you are trying to reach
  •         Support your social media efforts with paid media

Some other tips from Mike Oberg regarding their social media efforts:
  •          They have an agile social media policy, that allows them to use pre-approved                                    phrases in response to certain comments in real time
  •          The company has a full time community manager
  •          They have a list of 100 patient advocates that they share breaking news and                                      information with proactively, without any suggested messaging
  •          A monthly Twitter calendar is submitted for review each month
  •          Social Media allows them to create expanded reach with TV events and                                              happenings
o   Dr. Oz Segment
o   Corey from Pawn Stars on the Today Show

Walking Through the FDA’s Social Media Guidance, What does it Mean?
Mark S. Roh, Regional Food and Drug Director, Pacific Region, FDA

Mark Roh reviewed the FDA’s Social Media guidance with the group and provided some very clear slides for companies to use when evaluating their online efforts.

A helpful algorithm which outlines the responsibility of a firm and social media:
  •         Promotion by the Firm – The Firm is responsible
  •         Promotion by 3rd party on behalf of the firm – The Firm is responsible
  •         Promotion by 3rd party not associated with the firm

o   Is there any influence exerted by the Firm?
-  Yes- The Firm is responsible
-  No- Firm not responsible

He also provided guidance for marketing management on how to maintain control of social media. 

Responsible officials – ask yourself:
  •         What is the purpose of the labeling or promotional material?
  •         Who has control over the content or the placement of the material?
  •         How am I participating in this discussion?
  •         What information am I providing?

Monetizing Digital Opportunities in Medium-Sized Specialty Pharma
Brian Johnson, Principal, Two Hearts Group, @brianmjohnson4

Brian provided a helpful overview of the need for a Chief Digital Officer as well as their responsibilities.

Why do organizations need a Chief Digital Officer?

1. Brands are doing digital
2. Commercial Operations are doing digital
3. IT is doing digital
4. Sales is doing digital
5. But who owns it?

At Galderma, with the leadership of Brian, Chief Digital Officer, they focused on three key strategies to be successful:

1. Bring e-commerce to Cetaphil.com
2. Partner with Amazon to improve presence as largest online retailer
3. Expand digital communications to non-called on health care providers across brands and business units.

Brian also presented the case for digital communications to non-called on health care providers:

They want to communicate at their convenience
  •         When the want
  •         Where they want
  •         How they want
  •         About what they want
Brian also had this piece of advice for pharma companies: “Are you going to do the responsible thing and respond to your patients on social media, or hide behind regulatory and turn a blind eye?”

Finally, Brian shared that big pharma should consider more SAAS platforms vs creating digital platforms from scratch.  With Galderma, they used an SAAS ecommerce platform and were able to develop and launch the program in 90 days.

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