Monday, October 20, 2014

Microsoft Smart Watch to Be Unveiled in Coming Weeks

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The smart watch market is projected to be worth about $7.1 billion in 2015 and it would appear that Microsoft has every intention of being a player in this potentially lucrative space. Forbes is reporting that the company has plans to unveil a wearable device within in the next few weeks capable of tracking a user’s heart rate.  The device will reportedly work across a number of different platforms in addition to Windows phones including iPhone and Android.  

The device appears to be similar to the Moto 360, which also has the capability of monitoring a user’s heart rate, but can supposedly hold a battery charge for over two days with regular use.  This would set it apart from similar devices which require a charge after a single day’s use. 

Microsoft intends to have its new hardware on the shelves within the next few weeks—just in time for the holiday rush.  It was reported earlier this year that the company had plans for this type of device but the exact timeline of its release was unknown. 

This is only the latest move among tech giants in the suddenly competitive space of health data aggregation.  Apple and Google have both received plenty of attention for their plans for health aggregators and wearable devices this year.  In addition, the Apple Watch is expected to become available early 2015.  

As far as wearable devices go, the intrigue certainly appears to be there but adoption remains an issue.  A survey from earlier this year showed that one-third of consumers who purchased a wearable device gave up on using it within six months.  Nonetheless, this showed an increase from the year prior so while that rate remains low, it appears to be trending upward.

Within months, Apple, Mircrosoft and Google will all have health data aggregators and accompanying wearable devices available and the competition for this lucrative market will seemingly be in full swing.

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