Friday, October 17, 2014

ePharma Buzz- 10/17

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It's almost Friday afternoon which means it's time to start checking out mentally. Maybe? Either way, here’s a list of five articles worth a glance from this past week. 

10 Inevitable Changes in Pharma 2015, Richie Etwaru on LinkedIn- Only ten inevitable changes for the pharma industry next year may be a conservative projection but Richie Etwaru (@RichieEtwaru) has outlined some of the most important.  He reviews some of the changing vernacular in the industry such as the transition from “care” to “cure”.  One that we thought was spot on: The change from “customer” to “consumer”.  With the physician being the customer and the patient being the consumer, the pressure is now on pharma to increasingly focus on the former rather than the latter.

Developing a Global Digital Strategy, Gail Horwood- Johnson & Johnson’s VP of Digital Strategy believes “digital brings opportunities to streamline and leverage certain capabilities that are really common across [all] businesses.”  Included in those opportunities is real-time marketing, and included in that category is social media.  J&J took advantage of this during this past World Cup by building a campaign around Listerine.  The company built two newsrooms and responded to developments in matches in real-time with appropriate brand messages.  The biggest takeaway from their success was that real-time marketing is as much about pre-planning as it is anything else. 

This Startup's Robots Could Stop Ebola in Its Tracks, Inc.- Could a robot potentially disinfect an entire room?  It might not be as crazy as it sounds.  Xenex’s new “virus-zapping” robot can effectively stop the spread of disease by using ultraviolet light to disinfect contaminated spaces.  This technology has gotten even more attention following the first Ebola death in the US last week.  "It looks like a car wash for beds. But it's a light wash," explained Xenex CEO Morris Miller.  

mHealth: The Most Underutilized Force in Patient Engagement?, HIT Consultant- [Insert staggering mobile phone usage stat here].  The question everyone is searching for the answer to: How can we better leverage that usage in healthcare?  James Dias lists five steps for healthcare organizations to get started.  Start with getting the patient’s number which is often more difficult than it sounds.  Make it a required field on registration forms.

Cigna Launches Gamified Digital Health Coaching, FierceHealthPayer- Cigna is aiming to improve consumer adoption of their diet and exercise apps through their new gamification effort, Cigna Health Matter.  After enrolling in a program, members can begin interacting with a digital health assessment that incorporates metrics such as BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure.  Users are scored based on these variables and in turn can earn rewards for completing activities and reaching certain milestones.  “During the past several years, we've learned the importance of connecting health improvement to tangible, immediate, recognition and incentives," said Eric Herbek, VP of Product Development.  

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This piece was contributed by @MikeMadarasz

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