Thursday, October 2, 2014

Session Spotlight: Moderated Discussion with Patient Opinion Leaders

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We closed out ePharma West with a lively discussion on some of the biggest takeaways from the previous two and a half days. Brian Shields provides some of those key points for us below:  

Market Research from Patient Opinion Leaders

Moderator: Russ Fetteroff, (@digitalbulldog), Senior Vice President of Innovation, WEGO Health

Panelists: Mike Lawson, (@mrmikelawson), Type I Diabetes Health Activist and Britt Johnson (@HurtBlogger), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Migraine Health Activist

This was an exit panel led by Russ Fetteroff with some very straight shooting feedback for pharma from Mike Lawson and Britt Johnson.

Russ outlined the pharma translation of CRM:
     •   Ensure patients get off to a successful start with their medication
     •   Help patients understand how their medication works
     •   Support patients in taking their medication as prescribed
     •   Create and ongoing personal relationship with patients

Russ also highlighted Allergan’s My Tears, My Rewards program as a great example of a patient CRM program.

Britt and Mike provided excellent feedback based on focus group questions that Russ asked throughout the panel discussion, some of which is listed below:

•   Copay assistance cards are the number one patient need in the online community
•   Doctor’s recommendations are key to patients trusting pharma resources
•   Online patient advocates paid by pharma may lose the trust of their followers
•   Programs that inundate patients with glossy mailers, text messages, email and phone calls may be overwhelming.  Pharma CRM programs should allow patients to decide how they want to receive communications
•   A call to Britt from an Abbott nurse was an excellent example of patient focus by a company
•   Companies should include patients early in app development
•   Mike Lawson also discussed how videos can be very helpful, noting that he learned to test his blood glucose on YouTube

ePharma West Britt Johnson Mike Lawson Patient Opinion Leader
Britt Johnson and Mike Lawson tell all from the patient perspective

Save the date! ePharma will take place February 24-26 in New York, NY.

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