Friday, October 3, 2014

ePharma Buzz- 10/3

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Walter Cronkite once said, “You take a little pill of news every day - 23 minutes - and that's supposed to be enough.”  We’re not saying this is enough, but it’s a “little pill” of pharma news from the last seven days to get you started. 

FDA Reopening Comment Period on Social Media Draft Guidances, If you were anxiously awaiting the next development from the FDA on their social guidances, you may be waiting even a little longer.  Effective September 29, The FDA extended the comment period 30 days for the set of guidances released June 17.  The organization has bought themselves some additional time but at the rate with which social media and digital is evolving, this could turn out to be somewhat of a moving target. 

Sales Rep Restrictions Point to Need for a Pharma Rethink, MM&M- You want to reach doctors directly with your products?  Get in line.  As we all know, this is becoming increasingly more difficult to do.  Research from Quantia shows that 32% are now unable to talk to reps—up from 27% last year.  In addition, 44% of doctors say they’re working in an organization now moving towards an Accountable Care Organization model, restricting rep contact even further. 

How Genentech Taps into Online Patient Communities to Improve Clinical Trials, mobihealthnews- “When it comes to designing a clinical trial, how do you actually put the patient first?” asks Joling Mew, Genentech product development leader.  For her company, part of that answer has consisted of working with online patient communities.  Mew cites some of these communities as being contributing factors to solving some difficult clinical trials cases and leading to greater enrollment and retention.  Genentech has had some breakthrough insights in leveraging these groups. Check out the article if you don’t believe us.  

HealthKit is Finally Live: Here’s How it (Really) Works, VentureBeat- Speculation about HealthKit has dominated blogs and news outlets since Apple first laid out their plans this spring. With the release of iOS 8, we now have more clarity on how the platform actually operates.  Here’s what we know (in short):  The iPhone owner is responsible for recording the metrics they wish to measure (i.e. weight, sleep, blood pressure) through selected health apps or hardware.  They then grant permission at the app level for HealthKit to use this data.  HealthKit aggregates that data and can provide it to third parties (upon the users permission).  

The Secret Recipe for Content Marketing Success, Healthline Blog- We’re admittedly a little bias here, this information was first presented at ePharma West last week.  David Kopp (@Kopportunity) reveled some of his secrets for content marketing that’ve lead to over 25 million monthly visitors for Healthline.  His “recipe for success”: 

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