Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Road Map for a Successful Social Media Strategy

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What does it take for a successful social media strategy to take hold in a company? Telerex recently published a white paper that looks at how a Pharma company can align themselves so that a social media strategy can be successful.

So what does Telerex define as important steps on a road to success in Pharma social media marketing?
  • Strong internal agreement and a centralized strategy are important for a successful social media strategy
  • Laying groundwork and having plans for community content and strategy before kicking off any program
  • Define proper use of social media channels and share those in guidelines with your communities
  • Objectives for social media success should be identified up front
  • When using social media, remember it's another channel in your strategy driving the same message and story.
  • Identify where you are starting on the social media chain and identify the right messaging and communication from there: broadcasting, listening or engaging
Also in this white paper, Telerex covers how to build the right social media team for success, suggestions to working with adverse events on social media, setting up content strategies and platform strategies within them and more.  Download the full white paper here.

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