Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doctors say patients aren’t interested in mHealth data integration

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According to a recent Forbes report, patients have little to no interest in integrating mHealth data into medical health records.  

Recently, Practice Fusion, cloud-based electronic health record provider, asked the following question to 20,000 of its 112,000 medical professional user base: Have your patients asked you about incorporating their health data from either their wearable fitness trackers or from their health apps into their health records? The result: out of the 353 doctors who responded, 85 percent said "No."
“The patient-led, smartphone-based health care revolution is not knocking at the door of practices across America—at least not according to those doctors,” Forbes wrote.

In fact, even Practice Fusion's CEO Ryan Howard hasn't integrated his personal healthcare records with Apple's HealthKit. "The data [from apps] is of little value to start with," Howard explained to Forbes.

This poll has come out a few months after Apple's hyped June launch of the HealthKit platform, which some industry observers believe will be the game-changer in driving consumer interest and use of mHealth technology forward.

But, there are still many obstacles in mHealth tech and data sharing including security regulatory issues that need to be addressed. Not to mention a great deal of marketing needs to go into informing doctors and patients that mHealth solutions actually exist.

To read the full report, click here.

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This piece was contributed by @AmandaCicc.

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