Friday, December 19, 2014

Electronic Health Records: Where is the disconnect?

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The value of electronic health records is untapped.  The benefits of properly utilizing this tool include improving quality and convenience of patient care, increasing patient participation in their care, improving accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes, improving care coordination and increasing practice efficiencies and cost savings according to  But as Scott Wallace points out in a recent article at the Health Affairs Blog, many things must change before they reach their full potential and are a value to both the clinician and the patient with the record.

The hospital is the main purchaser and implementer when it comes to electronic health records.  The hospital has purchased the software as a business decision - creating a way to provide more value to the patient.  However, it's the clinicians  who are on the front lines every day.  Many are frustrated because the creation of electronic health records often neglects their needs and doesn't allow them to better care for their patient - their ultimate goal.  There is a unique challenge to get the needs of the corporation (the hospital) to meet the needs of the business unit (the hospital).

The article points out three things that would be beneficial in the design of electronic health records:
  1. Focus on the data entry requirements so that it meets the needs of the clinicians
  2. Create value for different segments of patients by providing services and solutions to meet patients’ needs
  3. Develop a method to find the targeted information for the medical circumstances of the patient being seen
When it comes to the design of EHRs, how do you think Pharma can help meet the needs of the physicians?  Could there be some kind of supplemental value provided by the Pharma companies about their drugs, the research behind their drugs or something else?

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