Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Multi-Social Marketing Applies to Life Sciences

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Today, multi-social marketing is a customer-centric and a very powerful tool that forms a strong pillar in the community that controls your brand. Multi-social marketing strategies and content distribution can meet many of the challenges faced by healthcare marketers, including enhancing patient outcomes, delivering value to healthcare providers, and enhancing business results.

To guide future marketing strategies, drive brand loyalty, and improve ROI, life sciences companies can actually deepen their insights into customer needs through engagement. In addition, content from previously siloed channels can be repurposed for delivery directly to tablets, smartphones, and laptops—integrating those channels and ensuring moments are woven throughout the entire brand story. The ideal formula for developing an effective multi-social marketing strategy combines brand awareness with a variety of delivery channels, allowing customers to drive their interactions with the brand through the content and experiences that provide meaning to their journeys.

The best multi-social campaigns begin with compelling storytelling, focus on meeting customers’ emotional and functional needs throughout their journeys. To engage customers effectively, life sciences companies must provide compelling stories that reach customers at critical points in their journeys. According to PharmaVoice, here are some key considerations for effectively engaging customers:

Access— Access is the ability to choose content wherever customers want to engage. Access requires content availability through various channels.

Control—Control means that customers choose what information to access, as well as when and even how they access it.

Reciprocity—Reciprocity means ensuring the give-and-take with customers. You need to provide value to customers before making requests of them and in return they’ll give you loyalty.

Experiences—Today, customers want an experience, not a manufactured brand moment. So, provide them with a series of experiences all tied together with a story that resonates with their journeys.

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This piece was contributed by @AmandaCicc.

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