Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Five Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Multichannel Experiences

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As the communications landscape shifts to a combined digital and traditional to reach the right target audiences.  This does not change for health care providers as they are also expecting a customized experience with meaningful interactions.  In the white paper Five Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Multichannel Experiences from Veeva, they look at five ways to develop this meaningful customer interaction which can be executed with expert knowledge of your customers habits.  The knowledge comes from great emphasis on the data you collect from your customers as they have interactions across your chain of channels.

So what are the five best practices to achieve this?
  1. Ensure Reliable Customer Data: Set up and have a reliable CRM so that inteactions along a physician's customer journey can be mapped in one single source.
  2. Align Channels to the Customer Journey: Understand the customer journey across all channels and within your company.  Determine any new touch points that need to be created and capitalized on.  It's also important to understand how a customer sees each channel and how they're using it to interact with your products.
  3. Create a High-leverage Content Strategy: Content is king.  When developing content, develop evergreen content that can be used across channels.  With each piece of content, it should customized to fit the voice and tone of the channel.  Evergreen content should be updated twice a year.
  4. Offer a Personalized Experience: Know the needs of the people you are messaging and use data to determine relevant, key messaging for each customer.  Relevant content to any situation should be used and shared with the customer.
  5. Monitor, Measure, Improve: Analyze key performance metrics throughout the customer journey.  Use this data to continuously improve the customer journey and improve your channels.
Read the full white paper here.

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