Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Patients standards for clinical trial engagement are increasing

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For years, Pharmaceutical companies have run clinical trials so that patients are placed in to two groups and blind testing was the standard.  Today, patients knowledge of their health is increasing so they want to have more input. According to Life Science Leader, due to years of standard procedures, the other stakeholders involved are struggling to achieve a position where they view the patient in their new role.

Other struggles of creating a patient-centric process with drug discovery and development include no infrastructure for patients to communicate and craft new clinical opportunities with the researchers; patients are infrequently made aware of the results that come out of the clinical trials; and drug company measurements for success - according to the companies and patients - for the treatment of the disease isn't often identified.

Next week, Makovsky, sponsor of ePharma, will be joining us to look into how patients are involved along the bringing the drug to market. In the web seminar Evolving Marketing Plans with Online Insights Tom will identify look at how Pharma communicates with patients, where consumers are engaging after a diagnosis and how Pharma can capitalize on the process.  Register for the web seminar here and mention priority code XP2000W2BLOG.
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