Monday, January 12, 2015

The downstream effect of non-adherence on patients

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Today, we continue our conversation with Dr. Katrina Firlik. In this session she discusses how as a doctor she as seen the effects of non-adherence in patients:
Speaker Dr. Katrina Firlik
I saw this over and over again. I practiced neurosurgery. Even as far back as being a medical student, for example, when I first worked at the VA hospital I was shocked to see how many older men had missing limbs – legs – and I talked to one of the nurses and said: “It gets to the heart of why war is such hell.” She actually laughed at me and said: “Most of these amputations – most of these missing limbs – are not from war. They are actually from patients not taking care of their diabetes.” That was really shocking to me. I understood the implications of non-adherence early on due to that example. I look at the problem as kind of a form of trauma, but trauma in slow motion. 
Then later as a neurosurgeon I saw many examples of this, probably most strikingly when I took care of patients that had spontaneous bleeding deep in the brain due to poorly controlled hypertension. It’s a relatively common problem in patients with years of poorly controlled hypertension. It was very difficult for me to see this problem because in some cases it could have been avoided by better controlling blood pressure with medication. 
It’s a problem that doctors see all the time. Doctors truly understand the real impact of the non-adherence problem firsthand.

Katrina also discussed the magnitude of patient non-adherence, the realization of the non-adherence on a broader level than patients and physicians, potential interventions and more.  Download the entire interview here.

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