Friday, January 23, 2015

Why ePharma is different from the rest

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This year at ePharma, we are elevating the digital marketing experiences and networking opportunity to the next level.  How?

Here are a few of the unique opportunities for you to get to know your industry this February:

  • ePharma is focused on collaboration via moderated discussions and impromptu conversations, not dry slide decks or vendor-led presentations
  • ePharma has exclusive, brand new off-site networking and special events including
    • ePharma Karaoke After Party
    • Dinner with Strangers
    • Expedition Learning: The Future of the Interconnected Hospital Room
  • ePharma presents more opportunities to hear from other attendees due to time built into the program specifically for discussion amongst speakers and attendees
  • ePharma's unique format provides you with the opportunity to connect with every speaker and attendee in the room and understand their unique perspectives
  • 70% new speakers for the freshest insights
  • Pharma executives are eligible for a "buy one pass, get one free" offer*
As a reader of this blog, you have the opportunity to register to join us at $100 off current rates when you mention priority code XP2006BL.  ePharma takes place February 24-26 in New York City.  Have any questions about our new marketing opportunities or want to get involved?  Email Jennifer Pereira.

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