Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leveraging Big Data to Drive Scalable Mobile Marketing Solutions for Pharma

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How many companies are leveraging data intelligence platforms and other technologies to reach prescribing physicians and potential consumers? And, how precise are these technologies?

The answer to the first question is easy: not enough. By our estimation, most pharma companies, despite having sound strategies, are leveraging technology to address the problems of old paradigms rather than looking forward to new opportunities. Consider the marketing efforts of an organization that contracts with several distribution channels on the West Coast after gathering intelligence that the region over-indexes for conditions treated by the drug. While a strategy like this makes broad, logical sense, the missed opportunity lies in newer, more efficient and effective targeting tools at pharma’s disposal.

Consider, by contrast, platforms that have the ability to combine a number of big data sets to establish higher-value targets, including not only condition prevalence rates, but also insurance status and demographic data.

Identifying where high-opportunity patients and high-value physicians intersect is just the first element in a sound strategy. A second element—reaching them where they are—creates new opportunities for engagement. Providers of data-driven mobile solutions for healthcare marketers should also provide the ability to execute such a strategy at a scale that will move the needle and affect outcomes. Our Tomorrow Networks platform, for instance, leverages the mobile app ecosystem to reach both consumers and professionals at a time when mobile already accounts for a quarter of all time spent with media, eclipsing desktop usage and providing interaction and engagement absent from television but at equal scale.

Companies that fail to respond to the role of this new distribution platform, and leverage it using smart, data-driven solutions, may be missing out on some of the most robust opportunities the industry has seen.

Author: Bill Paquin, Chief Revenue Officer, Physicians Interactive

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