Thursday, February 26, 2015

Patient Engagement in a Changing Ecosystem—How Expectations Are Changing for All Stakeholders

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This morning at ePharma 2015 in New York City, Jeremy Shepler, patient-centered strategy and solutions at Novo Nordisk, took the keynote stage to discuss how patient engagement in a changing ecosystem is changing expectations for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

The ACA has been a catalyst for a dramatic shift in the healthcare landscape toward more empowered patients and more powerful payers, potentially upending the way we market our products.  But, there is a big gap between cost and quality of United States healthcare. Today the U.S. outpaces other countries in cost, but not outcomes. In fact, almost one out of every five dollars is spent on healthcare in the U.S. This is not sustainable, period, according to Shepler.

“This is the challenge that we all face and this is causing the model in the pharmaceutical industry to change dramatically,” he explained.

Today, engaging patients is critical to improve health outcomes and improve system costs. This challenge leads to a huge and complex issue that we’ve been talking about for years – patient adherence. A new level of support must address the unmet needs of multiple constituents.

Currently, the pharma industry is shifting its focus very slowly, but it is working to become more customer-centric.  Patient empowerment is not dead, but we have to have a more deliberate focus on our customers, not just ourselves.

Are we structured to do this? Perhaps it’s not about structure, according to Shepler. Instead, maybe it’s about our mindset. If we are going to change this, it has to change at the top of our organizations. He said, “This change is not going to be easy and it’s going to take time.”

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