Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week in ePharma: Top 3 Pharma Marketing News

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This week in ePharma: Top 3 Pharma Marketing news. iPhone iOS9 HealthKit contrubites to mHealth trend.
iPhone Will Track Your Sex Life: Is That Helpful? 
As You may have heard, iPhone is coming out with a new version of its iOS - iOS9, and it looks like iOS9 is even more "female-friendly" than ever. Aside from improvements in the front-facing camera, which is great for selfies, iOS9 features HealthKit app which is capable of tracking menstrual periods and sexual activity. Although, the iOS9 HealthKit app is not an innovator in this field, look at Period Tracker for example.

This week in ePharma: Top 3 Pharma marketing news. Walgreens pharmacy makes telehealth push.
Walgreens makes huge telehealth push by providing virtual doctors and making the remote telecommunications between patients and healthcare providers possible. When implemented,  the giant pharmacy chain expects to reduce consumers' spend on health consultations and by that significantly expand its consumer base.  

This week in ePharma: Top 3 Pharma Marketing news. Integrations of mobile health apps are possible through API, and what it means for the pharmaceutical industry and helthcare providers.
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A study on how mobile health apps can connect through API.

Aside from the ambition of making it easier for health providers to track and analyze data that's being registered on wearables and mHealth devices, and be able to predict health services consumers may face in the nearest future, it also raises the questions of security of data and privacy regulations. Read the whole article here

Courtesy of: Mandl et al., Driving Innovation in Health Systems through an Apps-Based Information Economy, Cell Systems.(2015),

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