Monday, June 1, 2015

Top 4 IIR Pharma Division’s Favorite Mobile Health Apps

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Health and mobile are the two terms that are closely intertwined this year. The ever - growing number of wearable devices on the market, and startups developing yet even more effective solutions towards health - oriented people, both speak for themselves. 

Health and mobile even have their own term – mHealth, which stands for Mobile Health and represents the health industry practiced on a screen of a mobile device. With that in mind, I decided to investigate our own office - the female team of Pharma Division, IIR USA.

Mobile Health Apps, Weight Watchers
 “Gamification of my own health” – Ali, 
Marketing Manager.

The Big Data and its security are the hottest trending topics in many conversations. Do we have an ownership of our personal information or we have to rely on third-party sources like doctors and hospitals? I have found an answer - the Weight Watchers app. It is very straight forward, and you don’t need to depend on your physician, dietologist or your gym trainer to suggest you to lean heavily on this or that - you have an app for this! It is gamification of my own health. I track my own success and missteps and create and adjust my diet accordingly.

Mobile Health Apps, FitBit

“Tracking my every step” - Amanda,
Senior Marketing Manager.

I work a lot and I would like to know that every step when I’m not snuggled up in my office chair, is being tracked and put to a good use a.k.a. calories are burning.

Mobile Health Apps, Period Tracker

“Just what the doctor ordered” - Ksenia, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.

My GY doctor and her fellow - coworker shouted out the name of this app within the first few minutes of my appointment.

Based on your personal information that you load into the app you can make predictions from the first day of your period to what kind of food cravings you will have in exactly eight days (if you are consistent with updating your personal diary of symptoms, mood and intimacy on a regular basis.)


Mobile Health Apps, ZocDoc 

“Finding a doctor in my neighborhood” – Amanda, 
Social Media Strategist

When I moved to NYC two years ago, I had no idea where to begin in my search for a local doctor and a dentist. Fortunately, a friend told me about ZocDoc and it was a saving grace when I came down with a bad throat infection my first winter here. I was able to easily make an appointment on my smartphone without getting out of bed. It even matched my insurance with doctors that were compatible. As a young person living in NYC who’s always on the go, ZocDoc saves me time and money on healthcare.


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