Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tap Into Insiders' Top Secrets to Success at PharmaNEXT, Plus Get $500 Off by July 31st

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PharmaNEXT is proud to present Jane McGonigal, PhD, New York Times Bestselling Author and Author of SuperBetter - a revolutionary thinker, who will give you the insights on how to apply her award-winning out-of-the-box thinking to pharma.

Fast Company: "Top 100 Creative People in Business"
Oprah Winfrey for O Magazine: "20 Most Inspiring Women in the World"
MIT Technology Review: "Top 35 innovators changing the world through technology"
Business Week: "Top Ten Innovators to Watch"
Harvard Business Review: "Top 20 Breakthrough Ideas"

Whether you are trying to engage the patient or the physician, learn about both ends of the spectrum. These NEXTTalks feature life science professionals who will show you how to reach your evolving target customer and have your message resonate to achieve your desired outcome.

·         Leveraging our Insights for Better Physician Engagement: Jayne Gretz, Vice President, American Medical Association and Leslie Stokes, Senior Vice President for Physician Engagement, American Medical Association
·         Going from Brand Centric to Patient Centric from R&D to Commercialization: Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH
Chief Patient Officer, Center of Excellence for Patient Centricity, Sanofi 

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Join the participating companies including: Sanofi, Bayer, Astellas, Merck & Co., Inc, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Mylan, Biogen, Daiichi-Sankyo, AstraZeneca and many more for next generation strategies and solutions that await you at PharmaNEXT - the latest educational and networking experience focused on elevating your pharma commercial strategy to the next level.

Register by July 31st with code 00GKMH7ZD and save $400 off the standard rates. Plus use code XP2040blog and get an additional $100 off – that’s a $500 discount. Register here:

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