Friday, July 24, 2015

This week in ePharma: Diclegis partners with Kim Kardashian and more

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The summer is at its full speed, and we are ready to present you with yet another portion of ePharma news of this week!

Would you trust a purple pill against headache? Could a green pill create more trust in you? With this concept in mind researchers decided to find out whether color and shape of pills affected the perception of effectiveness of the drug and people's expectations. As was reported in The Wall Street Journal, the participants of this online study judged pills of three different colors and in seven different shapes. As the result, the white pills were rated as the most affective, and the light green pills caused the participants to become skeptical in terms of its effectiveness in treating headache.

Celebrity buzz: Kim Kardashian is now endorsing Diclegis, also known as a morning sickness drug. Duchesnay USA, the drug maker, and the reality TV star have partnered together to help raise awareness around morning sickness symptom relief that K. Kardashian has allegedly suffered from during both of her pregnancies (until she tried Diclesis.) It's important to point out, that Diclegis is currently the only medication for treatment of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that's been approved by FDA.

Researchers from Partners Connected Health, the Department of Pulmonology, Massachusetts General Hospital, and pediatric asthma group as a team effort have created a password - protected Facebook group to conduct a 12-month-long asthma study among teens 14-17 years old. Along with the tests researchers sent monthly reminders and important information regarding asthma. The study had an unprecedented engagement results of 79% in comparison to an average 18% of engagement. In the society which is driven by user-generated information, scientists find high engagement results hugely important for the future research and drug development purposes.

Allergan, Botox maker, launched a new internet campaign, #ActuallySheCan, targeting millennial women. According to The Guardian, women make up 62% of their market in the US. The premise of this campaign is to start engaging millennial women and build lifetime loyalty toward the Allergan pharma brands and products. ActuallySheCan is also a website that educates women on birth control and serves as a community space gamifying the user experience from "shemojime" option of creating a unique emoji with the user's face to "gimme the deets" - a program that allows to earn virtual coins to donate to a participating women's charity.

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