Friday, July 31, 2015

This week in ePharma: Self-diagnosis with Wize Mirror and more!

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The digital revolution is spreading across the pharma and medical industries faster and faster, cutting down the costs of services and the wait time along the way.

ePharma news: Opternative, a digital health company, just launched an app that you can use to take an eye exam at homeAnother bright star on the digital health horizon is Opternative, the company that just launched a $40 online eye exam that everyone can take at home has he/she got a computer, smartphone and Wi-Fi.
As stated by TechCrunch, Opternative today is the only approved online eye exam that if done successfully will issue eye glasses prescription that can be used as online as in your local eye glasses store. The downside is, Opternative cannot diagnose eye diseases, so it is highly recommended to still check with an eye doctor once in a while as a preventative measure.

More and more health devices enter our and become an essential part of lives. Here is another promising gadget that is aiming at diagnosing medical conditions by "scanning" a person's face in the mirror. The idea behind SEMEOTICONS a.k.a. Wize Mirror is to integrate a multi-sensory system into a hardware platform
that looks like a mirror. This hardware will be able to read individual faces, monitor changes in their statuses and provide tailored suggestions about nutrition, physical activity, and more thus creating a platform for self-monitoring.

The smart technology market has expanded dramatically in the last five years coming up with many from business to fitness and health - oriented devices. A South Korean startup Dot has decided to face the fact that there's a large market of visually impaired people, who have the same demands for health wearables but don't have an equal supply. The problem that Dot stated they are trying to solve is out of 285 million visually impaired people, 95% cannot read. The prices for e-braille readers are very appalling and count in thousands of dollars still, therefore most of that 95% stay illiterate. With that in mind, Dot has launched an affordable E-braille smartwatch for visually impaired people. Tech in Asia reports that Dot smartwatch (currently available in Asia only) will go on sale in the United States in December at a retail price of approximately US$300.

A new development in treating obesity: the FDA has just approved a new medical device for a non-surgical obesity treatment - Reshape. Reshape integrates a dual balloon technology, which when inserted orally into a patient's stomach creates a feeling of being full and thus significantly shrinks the portions of food consumed. Combined with special diet and exercises Reshape is said to have natural, promising lasting results. The med device official website also claims, that during the recent studies patients lost more than two times more weight with ReShape than with diet and exercise alone. Plus, they were able to keep most of the lost weight off even after the device has been removed six months later.

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