Friday, August 28, 2015

This week in ePharma: Google Life Sciences joins the Digital Health Race and more!

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Earlier this week Sergey Brin made an official announcement about the Google's life sciences team moving into a separate Life Sciences venture with its own CEO. These changes are a part of the company's recent reorganization. Life Sciences is aiming big at making progress in health tech sphere. Google Smart Contact lenses is currently the most well-known project under Life Sciences.

Digital health app connected to a mobile device, connected to a computer and a virtual doctor. mHealthComputers are to become more humanized. More and more research companies are working their way into reading human emotions and interpreting them digitally. The goal is to use the data to make health wearables more sensitive to an individual user and therefore increase the effectiveness of the devices. Affectiva is one of the companies conducting such research. With the statement "Leading global expert in emotion analytics and insights" Affective claims to have analyzed 2,756,949 faces to date.

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Digital health accelerator program? Sure. Two words: Germany, Bayer. “Grants4Apps Accelerator” program funded by Bayer Healthcare will sponsor five digital health startups who focus their research around such topics as predicting behavior, improve health in the work place, patient empowerment and others. The five health tech companies for Grants4Apps Accelerator 2015 have already been chosen. Within the given 100 days the Bayer Healthcare program guarantees to provide mentorship by Bayer's experts, office space,  and funding of 50,000€.

Another health tech accelerator program is launching, this time locally, in Pittsburgh. A large nonprofit health and wellness company Highmark Health has built VITAL - a program that aims to speed up an approval process for healthcare innovators. The VITAL innovation program promises to simplify the whole procedure from submitting a proposal to its evaluation and funding, and therefore make new technologies available to consumers faster.

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