Friday, December 11, 2015

ePharma News: eCigarettes are out to get YOU | Pfizer-Allergan: $64 billion in sales to expect

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A woman is smoking e-cigarette
Harvard Gazette just published the findings of Harvard researchers on correlation between the lung disease and smoking e-cigarettes. The scientists from Harvard have conducted a study with an objective to determine whether or not flavoring chemical diacetyl (that has been linked in the past to the "popcorn lung"), and two other flavoring chemicals are present in a sample of flavored e-cigarettes. As the result, at least one flavoring chemical was detected in 47 of 51 unique flavors tested, and diacetyl was detected above the laboratory limit of detection 39 of the 51 flavors tested. Given that diacetyl has already been associated with severe respiratory diseases of those exposed to its vapors,the researchers are trying to make a point that while nicotine remains to be the main concern when talking about smoking, there are other chemicals that lead to cancer, and the matter needs to be further researched.

Google yet again makes the news. Google (Alphabet) Life Sciences just applied for a patent for its new wearable med tech device called Needle-Free Blood Draw. In its attempt to help diabetic patients, the life science division of Google has developed a device that collects a small blood sample without a needle penetration. This work contributes to an ongoing efforts toward patients with diabetes who make up to 29 million people in the U.S. along. The bigger idea is to be able to provide on the go support to those patients who require to be monitored 24/7. So far there are two different designs that were proposed in the patent application: a wrist-based wearable and a device that reminds a standard blood-drawing tool.

How impactful can be $1.6 billion spent on advertising? Quite impactful, in fact. Pfizer and Allergan
Pfizer headquarters in NYC
are merging ($160 billion deal) creating the largest pharma company in the world that will be operating the name Pfizer plc. Combined advertising spend of both companies will place it right below the top advertisers including Proctor & Gamble ($4.6 billion spent in 2015.) Together, Pfizer and Allergan are expected to produce $64 billion in sales. The occurring merge of the two giants is a part of the bigger picture - tax inversion, a move that will cut down Pfizertaxes from 25% to 17% -18% by moving the headquarters to Ireland, a lower-tax nation and the homebase for Allergan.

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