Friday, January 8, 2016

ePharma News: Check out Digital Pharma in numbers | Week 01/3 - 01/8

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Kim Kardashian's advertised Diclegis's brand awareness is up by 500%
500% is by how much Diclegis increased its brand awareness, after the FDA has issued a warning over K. Kardashian's drug promotion on social media.

$100 Million was raised by a Cancer Blood-Test Startup Guardant that on its website claims to be the only biopsy-free tumor sequencing test that tracks tumor genomics in real-time and identifies associated treatment options.

$4 Million is how much was raised by Kolibree, an electric
Bluetooth toothbrush that aims at educating kids on how to properly brush their teeth. Kolibree monitors in real-time the way a person brushes his/her teeth and alerts if the suggested time of two minutes hasn't been reached.

The FDA45 is the number of drugs approved by the FDA in 2015 according to the FDA's annual Novel New report. The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research defines "novel drugs" as the drugs that are innovative and help advance clinical care.

$160k - $170k is the cost of the new pulmonary arterial hypertension drug Uptravi that got approved by FDA last month.

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