Monday, February 29, 2016

Content Marketing University at #ePharma2016

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Good day! There is a terrific group of people already here, waiting for the session "How to Share Your Authentic Stories for Long-Term Relevancy with Physicians, Patients, Providers & Payers. Sitting with Joe Kim of Eli Lilly in the Innovation group in Clinical Operations. Discussing the intractable problem of diversifying clinical trail recruitment.

You can still join this interesting group at #ePharma16 and follow me, Beatriz Mallory, around the summit here and at @SensisHealth

Beatriz Mallory, VP, SensisHealth
Beatriz Mallory is a veteran healthcare and pharma marketer. She specializes in cross-cultural marketing and mitigating disparities throughout the healthcare system. She can be reached at, and she'll be a guest blogger at ePharma Summit 2016.

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