Thursday, February 18, 2016

Demystifying the Data Management Platform (DMP)

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While most Pharma marketing leaders are told they need to be part of ‘big data’, they need to be ‘omni-channel’, they need to ‘own their data’; rarely are they shown the path or even first step to leveraging data to solve their unique business needs to deliver a better patient journey and script growth.

Find out why Gartner recommends Neustar for “mid-to-large enterprises focused on analytics and multichannel relationships” at Neustar’s Technology Showcase: Demystifying the Data Management Platform (DMP) to Understand Consumers and Drive Measurable Results on Monday at 1:00pm. In this presentation, Neustar’s Vice President of PlatformOne, Dave Pollet will share why a DMP with an Authoritative Identity Methodology at its core is crucial to success in an omni-channel world.

Neustar’s DMP, PlatformOne, offers the right approach to identity that makes it possible to link disparate customer touchpoints into a unified, seamless brand experience, and ultimately increase sales. In a Forrester Consulting study of the total economic impact of PlatformOne, Neustar’s DMP, a client saw a 72% increase in conversion rates, Over $3.1M in total benefits from conversions and 117% ROI in the first 3 years.

As “DMPs become the intelligence engines driving marketing”, it’s more critical than ever that Marketers understand the latest DMP technologies and how they compare. To better understand the DMP ecosystem and trends, we invite you to download Forrester’s latest evaluation of data management platforms: The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q4 2015.

Forrester cited Neustar’s ability to resolve customer identity across channels and provide a holistic view of their behavior: “Long a leader in customer data on-boarding, Neustar aims to close the gap between offline and online activity to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer grounded in its identity framework.” Since we have long advocated the need to develop a single and consistent view of consumers across devices and systems, we’re pleased that this feature of PlatformOne has been formally recognized by a major analyst firm.

Of particular note, Forrester gave Neustar the highest score possible in several of the areas that differentiate DMP vendors, including product strategy, data analysis, and global presence. Our platform also received the second highest score for its data classification capabilities, which include user identification, device identification, and segmentation and syndication. As with all Forrester Waves, vendors were rated based on the capabilities of their current offering, their strategy including customer references, and breadth of market presence.

Download the full report to learn more.

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