Monday, February 29, 2016

Digital Marketing for Pharmaceuticals: Think Innovation and Disruption

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When you think about the words “innovation” and “pharmaceuticals”, you think about the incredible scientific advances taking place in labs around the world. You don’t, however, necessarily think about leading edge social media strategy.

One of the clear messages that came out of the ePharma Summit 2016 today is that the industry lags in content marketing strategy and execution. Speakers agree on the reasons – legal, regulatory, medical, silo mentality, fear. Historically, a lot of careful planning goes into highly regulated marketing messages. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

During a panel discussion, speakers agreed that “you need to be a disruptor.”

  1. Go outside the industry for digital marketing talent.
  2. Challenge your agencies. They are afraid to bring you new ideas because you’ve told them no. Energize them.
  3. Build your internal knowledge so you know the right questions to ask your agencies
  4. Get outside brand silos at your company and talk to each other. Find out what the other brands are doing.
  5. Educate legal, privacy, regulatory and medical teams.
  6. Be less scared.
  7. Come up with the right plan.
  8. Be thoughtful.
  9. Engage the customers – HCPs, consumers, payers. Make it personal.
  10. Develop an action-oriented culture

The mood is optimistic that with some careful planning and by putting aside conventional ideas about what is possible, e-pharma presents lots of opportunity to learn about our all our different customer segments and meet them where our products intersect with their needs.
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