Monday, February 29, 2016

Integrating Art - yes, Real Art -- into Programs to Build Recruitment for Clinic

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It started with Lilly TrialGuide, a website created by Eli Lilly to provide many levels of support for patients who are considering or already participating in clinical trials. Then they created a powerful, moving documentary commissioned from a filmmaker, which can be viewed here.

In a fascinating talk by Joe Kim in Clinical Innovation and Jerry Matczak, Consultant to Clinical Innovation, we learned about Lilly's partnership with artist and patient advocate Regina Holliday, creating beautiful art customized by individual patients' stories, printed on jackets. Then came Project #Cinderblocks2, in which the patient community took it further, creating their own "Burning Man" event, in which Lilly executives actively participated.

In addition, this intimate project has expanded to large-scale art. Several large installations are being designed to give patients an opportunity to personalize pieces and have them assembled into sculptures (see rendering below.)

So what's being done to get this rich, very personal content out to a larger audience? Lilly is mulling this question and determining the potential end location for the sculptures.  Should they create communities? Make an investment in advertising channels?

With support all the way up to CEO John C. Lechleiter, Lilly will continue to expand their art-driven programs. They will always involve patients as part of team, both to make the work authentic, and get them invested in the project.

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Joe Kim

Jerry Matczak

Beatriz Mallory, VP, SensisHealth
Beatriz Mallory is a veteran healthcare and pharma marketer. She specializes in cross-cultural marketing and mitigating disparities throughout the healthcare system. She can be reached at, and she'll be a guest blogger at ePharma Summit 2016.

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