Monday, February 29, 2016

The Three Must-See Companies of Day One of #ePharma16

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Earlier today, I had the great pleasure of seeing presentations from Cohero Health, Curatio, and Self Care Catalysts.

Cohero Health is a company that allows patients to track how they are utilizing and responding to their respiratory care medications. The medications can be tracked for both technique of use from the patient and how many times the medications are used versus how many times they are prescribed for use (or, adherence).

This data syncs wirelessly and AUTOMATICALLY with applications for smartphones from Cohero, one for Pediatric patients (AsthmaHero) and another for adult patients (BreatheSmart).

Information can be shared with a patient's care team when interventions may be needed.

Curatio is an application that allows patients to manage their health, track their conditions, and build social support networks based on shared/similar diseases, interests, and other information.

It also shared stories with patients that may be pertinent to their lives, like a daily magazine or some social media gurus we all know and love.

Lynda Brown, Curatio's CEO, is an incredibly interesting person AND incredibly fun to speak with.

One of the reasons I really enjoy the idea of this app is that social support is often left lacking for patients. We leave offices with a new diagnosis but no information on how this affects our lives or what the future may hold. We're overwhelmed and worried - and often turn to social media for support already!

Integrating health information, a tracker that syncs with everything from Apple to Fitbit, and that social support?

Where do I sign up? (Right here actually.)

Self Care Catalysts is a company right after my own heart.

I even said so during the presentation from founder Grace Soyao!

SCC has a goal to help engage more patients in their own care by creating their own storylines. By sharing those stories, we're not only helping other patients BUT we're enabling our providers to give us better care and creating a culture where all stakeholders are valued.

The Health Storylines app was created WITH patients and is customizable for a variety of needs, even for specific patient organizations and conditions like Epilepsy. You can even access this process on the web which provides a wider range of access to patients.

The app reminds you to take medications, allows you to journal and build a support team, and is even shareable via an HIPAA-compliant system with healthcare providers.


What did I learn today?

Today I learned that I geek out a lot.

I also learned that there are a ton of applications out there being designed for us that we're not aware of yet but desperately need.

I hope that more patients will be able to attend conferences like this in the future to be able to get the word out on these as I have today.

Oftentimes without that information, pharma is vilified in many patient communities.

Keep us apprised sometime, eh?

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About the author:

Kirsten Schultz is a health activist and blogger. You can read more about her life living with multiple chronic illnesses on her blog, on Creaky Joints, or follow her on Twitter.  

She will also be joining us this year at ePharma as an official guest blogger sharing insights from the event. 
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