Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just Do It: Innovations in Healthcare

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Just as attending ePharma as a patient has been very eye-opening, attending as someone who works for a healthcare organization has had just as much of an impact.

One of the frustrations where I am currently employed surrounds the issue of implementing an after-hours system that allows better compensation for physicians and more convenient locations and hours for patients.

This conversation has been ongoing for several years, involving a large and often revolving door of people working on this project.

I have to mention that all of these conversations are going on without any updated data on how patients in our system might feel about this change - no surveys, no patients in meetings, nothing.

I can help somewhat, but I also am not the target patient group.

Through listening to the various presentations on day three of #epharma16, the key message I took away on this subject was...


There are points in time where information needs to be gathered, so I'm not saying to stop that.

Once that information is gathered, stop trying to be perfect. That holds up the process, as I've seen personally in my job.

Innovation needs to be thought through and worked on but, at some point, the one thing holding back innovation is simply inaction.

Listen to Shia Labeouf and Nike -


About the author:

Kirsten Schultz is a health activist and blogger. You can read more about her life living with multiple chronic illnesses on her blog, on Creaky Joints, or follow her on Twitter.  

She will also be joining us this year at ePharma as an official guest blogger sharing insights from the event. 
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