Sunday, March 6, 2016

ePharma Summit 2016 | Lessons learned: ePharma marketers and problem-solving

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Throughout the ePharma Summit, it was reassuring to hear that all ePharma marketers were privy (and respectful) to the role of regulatory and their customer’s privacy and rights. 

However, being knowledgeable of limitations does not deter an ePharma marketer: as Peter Dannenfelser put it during Deploying Digital Strategy general session regarding executing marketing ideas: 

"If you’re blaming regulatory, you’re being lazy. Work around it. Be creative." 

This does not mean that regulatory won’t be taken into consideration, it means that ePharma marketers will find a way to get you to their product. 

As a health-researcher, this kind of ingenuity at the face of red-tape means that there is a roadmap to follow in order to facilitate the ways in which we connect vulnerable populations to healthcare regardless of bureaucratic or regulatory policies. 

As a take away point from the summit, I’ve unsurprisingly come to realize that we have a lot to learn from e-marketers when it come to research and development. Garnering the bravado and can-do attitude or ePharma marketers would only be beneficial for those of us in health care and health care policy. 

Just Do It, after all, was the title of the panel and the general mantra of the general session on day two of the ePharma Summit. You know you were part of a powerful meeting of the minds when you leave motivated to execute your goals, work around problems (like red-tape and regulatory policies), and just do your part to improve health.

Sonia Mendoza, a contributing blogger at the ePharma Summit 2016
Sonia Mendoza is a research coordinator at the New York University Medical Center and a contributing writer at the ePharma Summit 2016. You can follow her on Twitter at @SM_23_NYC

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