Friday, March 4, 2016

The Future of Healthcare is Digital yet Many Lag Behind

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The ePharma Summit successfully gathers together the best innovation, research, and development in pharmaceutical marketing but their audiences/customers/consumers are mostly the tech savvy, the proactive and the involved. 

I would love to see in the future ePharma Summits the type of efforts made in order to bridge the gap between those who are less digitally connected or tech savvy. 

I see great openings for these efforts in Dr. Ahmed’s work at eHAP and the work Merck has embarked on in Africa. And while those efforts are alluring because they are abroad, there are many markets in the United States that are “digitally handicapped.” 

I personally work with underserved populations with chronic disease in the U.S. that often live in unstable conditions. Individuals in this population often do not have telephones (let along smart phones), and are not computer literate, but would benefit the most from very immersive pharmaceutical and medical involvement. I’m very sure efforts to connect these populations exist currently, but I am sure not aware of them. 

This is the official request for such efforts: it would be a win-win for the tech company, ePharma marketing, and population health. 

Sonya Mendoza, the ePharma Summit contributing blogger
Sonia Mendoza is a research coordinator at the New York University Medical Center and a contributing writer at the ePharma Summit 2016. You can follow her on Twitter at @SM_23_NYC

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