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Explaining The Technical Side of Healthcare in Marketing

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Marketing new healthcare technologies to clients who may lack the technical background needed to understand a product can often be a challenging undertaking. Providing a short primer that details the technical nature of a product and having additional answers and educational resources at the ready can often provide more effective results than bombarding leads and clients with more information than they may be able to process. Concentrating on the potential benefits and advantages a product is able to provide makes it much easier to handle the technical side of medical technology, systems and resources.
Explaining The Technical Side of Healthcare in Marketing

Marketing Systems Designed to Improve Medical Imaging Workflow

New innovation and advanced technology have led to a major economic boom within the field of medical imaging. Diagnostic procedures and imaging techniques used to produce information crucial to the patient care process throughout numerous medical fields have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Electronic image and file archive systems and transmission methods, such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), are in greater demand than ever before. Marketing strategies that will ensure that the technical nature of such systems can be more easily explained can make it much easier to improve lead conversion rates and sales figures.

The increased demand for more technical sales skills can create no end of problems for those who have little experience promoting or marketing products that rely on sophisticated technology. Key sales stratagems for explaining the technical side of healthcare products and services can include avoiding language that may leave leads feeling insecure about their level of understanding and finding ways to explain advanced concepts clearly and concisely. A classic mistake with technical sales is to provide too much technical information rather than finding ways to express complex concepts in a way that will be easier to understand and absorb.

Concentrating on The Benefits of a Technology

Potential clients often need to grasp little more than the basic premise of a product in order to see and understand its potential benefits and applications. Explaining how PACS systems can be used to reduce instances of preventable medical errors which are currently a leading cause of death in the U.S. is often all that is needed to generate interest in the technology or product. By concentrating on the advantages that new technology is able to provide, it may become possible to generate interest without having to delve too deeply into technical specifics.

Preparing Information in Advance

The most effective technical sales techniques are those that find an effective middle-ground. While providing leads with too much technical information too quickly can lead to confusion, being unable to furnish a more detailed answer upon request can also create problems. Preparing answers in advance and seeking out ways to ensure that even the most complicated aspects of technology can be expressed simply and effectively can ensure that any questions that may arise can be addressed more effectively. Being able to explain the difference between CT and MRI scans in layman's terms, or being able to explain the limitations of relying on courier services or fax machines to transmit medical images can make an important difference.  

While sales and marketing professionals need to have in-depth knowledge of their products, they are rarely required to become experts themselves. Being able to provide leads with additional resources and educational materials is often just as effective as being able to answer questions of a technical nature directly. While knowing all the answers would no doubt make it easier to explain the technical side of healthcare products, simply knowing where to find the answers is often more than sufficient to assist customers and prospective leads with any questions they may have.

Greg Dastrup: Explaining The Technical Side of Healthcare in Marketing
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