Friday, August 12, 2016

Differentiating Strategies in Healthcare to Separate Yourself from the Competition

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The New Health Economy has arrived, bringing with it a crushing set of challenges for the biopharma industry. Pharmaceutical companies must rapidly – and strategically – adapt to stay competitive while dealing with mounting cost pressures, greater demand for services, and increased digitization. The key to navigating this unsettled landscape is a capabilities-driven strategy. Companies that adopt this approach have a clear way to play, the underlying capabilities needed to execute, and an aligned portfolio and geographic focus.
“Positioning for success in biopharma requires a self-critical analysis of the risk and rewards among four categories of value differentiation. The key question: How so you define yourself against the competition?”

 Differentiating Strategies in Healthcare: 4 Ways to Play
 In a new PwC Strategy& insight, "Beyond 2020: Building Strategic Coherence in the New Health Economy," recently published in Pharmaceutical Executive, four ways to play in the New Health Economy are identified, along with the risks and opportunities for each using a capabilities-driven lens. The way forward isn’t easy. But those companies that build out a set of unmatched strengths will be poised to act on promising opportunities as they emerge.

For the full report, please head over to Pharma Exec for a more in-depth analysis of the four strategies listed above.

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