Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Exclusive Whitepaper] How Will the Growth of Digital Health Impact Provider & Patient Relationship?

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The third of our three-part whitepaper series explores the direct impact that digital health has on provider and patient relationship.With patients more involved, cost increasing and time becoming less limited, the scope of the provider-patient relationship has changed.
Patients and providers have begun to complain that the technologies of recent years that were promised to be faster, easier and cheaper, are actually slow, cumbersome and hindering the face-to-face interactions in health settings. So what comes next in repairing and maintaining this significant relationship, and how can digital health and medicines revolutionize for the better?

Health care providers, clinicians, economists and policymakers consistently agree that engaged patients live longer, have better outcomes, and cost less than those who are not engaged with the health system. Better yet, those who have a good relationship with a health provider are more likely to trust the system, adhere to treatment and follow up as recommended . Yet many technological advances that were designed to make the care system better have instead led to barriers between the patients and providers.
Here are the three areas impacting this change:

1. Consumers Are Changing
2. Physicians Providing Assistance
3. Value-Based Care Setting the Stage

For the full report Download the Exclusive Whitepaper.

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