Tuesday, January 17, 2017

[Exclusive Whitepaper] Digital Health Set to Change Provider and Patient Marketing Efforts

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Back in December we shared the first of three exclusive whitepapers with the ePharma community.

We've got exciting news! We can now share the second exclusive paper of the three-paper series, While the first explored the future of digital health, our second paper focuses on how digital health has impacted and changed marketing efforts feared toward the provider and patient.

Digital Health solutions are still mostly driven by marketing departments, whether they be novel devices that alter the way we treat rare diseases or commonplace wearable bands that track our activity. In fact, marketing efforts around digital health have significantly increased most pharma, medical device and clinical solutions budgets while attempting to influence an entirely new kind of consumer. We can see this transition very clearly in how health entities market to patients and to providers, all of whom are consumers and users in this new digital world. With added information and innovative ways to improve health and access to care, marketing can now truly utilize innovative strategies to touch all the key players in the health ecosystem.
What can you learn about the shift in provider and patient marketing? There are three key areas to explore:

1. Consumer Awareness
2. B2B Becoming B2C
3. Legal Aspects 

For the full report, download the exclusive whitepaper >>> Digital Health to Change Provider and Patient Marketing.

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