Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why I'm Excited for the ePharma Summit 2017

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As a healthcare professional in training, I have had many opportunities to realize the potential for digital innovation within the healthcare industry. New technologies in this field have been emerging all over the world and spreading like wildfire to fill the gaps in the health system.

My interest in the field of digital health and innovation has been growing over the years and has led me to take on several opportunities in this field. After conducting research on Mobile Health technology at the Juravinski Cancer Center, I was approached by ePharma with an opportunity to research and write about some of the most cutting-edge technology entering the eHealth ecosystem.

Even more exciting than this was the invitation I received to attend the ePharma Summit in March in New York City. In the past, this eHealth-focused conference has brought together over 800 professionals leading the digital transformation in the pharma and healthcare world to discuss new advancements and techniques to improve healthcare. This year, this conference will have hundreds of representatives from digital health companies that are currently making an impact in healthcare and will also bring guest speakers like Jay Baer (Founder of Convince and Convert) and Ritesh Patel (Chief Digital Officer of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide) to discuss ehealth strategies. With MBA crash courses, discussions about how ehealth can empower patients, and presentations on cutting-edge technology, this conference will be filled with new ideas and conversations between experts on how healthcare can be improved.

For an individual such as myself, who is passionate about the digital health field, this conference will serve as the perfect opportunity to connect with some of the leading expert in ehealth and learn about the groundbreaking technologies making their impact on health.

Written By: Rida Haider
Blog: Rida Haider Blog
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ePharma Summit kicks off on March 6 at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, and concludes at The Times Center on,March 7th-8th.

For more about the event, download a brochure >>> https://goo.gl/IR6KkH.

And to learn more about topics, we'll cover this year, including how the growth of digital has impacted HCP and Patient Marketing, please download our exclusive whitepapers >>>  https://goo.gl/swbWqo

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