Friday, March 10, 2017

ePharma 2017 Recap By Rida Haider [Day One]

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Day one of our annual ePharma conference kicked of at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, in New York City, on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Choosing the Intrepid for the annual event felt suiting as the leading conference for art and innovation. Our attendees also seemed to appreciate having the conferencing at the aesthetically pleasing venue, with time for a tour of the museum's history.

One of our attendees and guest blogger, Rida Haider, also shared her experience and what she's learned from some of our keynotes.

The ePharma Summit was in full swing just after noon today. Professionals rolled in from everywhere bringing their expertise in ePharma, eHealth, and digital marketing to the Intrepid Museum. The tone of the event was set quickly as chatter of the current digital health trends filled the room.

Jay Baer, author of ‘Hug Your Haters’ introduced the conference and introduced (what seemed to be) the theme of the first day of the conference, patient-centric care. Each keynote speaker and digital health expert discussed the importance of consumer-focused care and how the future of healthcare depended strongly on the patient.

Daryl Travis, CEO and Founder of Brandtrust, used research on social and behavioral science to emphasize the importance of ‘human touch’ in digital health marketing and product development. He said that digital health should be used as a means to improve patient care, not replace it. This talk was a great reminder to all the digital health enthusiasts that no matter how great the technology is, if it is not compatible with the patients needs, wants, and skills then it is not feasible.

The CPO of DMD, David Reim, discussed a similar concept in his talk but discussed how Big Data could serve as a major tool to help get us there. David discussed how most ehealth websites were not targeting the right audience. By using Big Data tools, companies could find out who their key consumers were, what they wanted from your product, how they interacted with you product and much more. David Reim concluded his talk by reminding digital health professionals that ‘bringing the notion of identity to marketing’ was going to be an important feature of digital health products.

To read the full summary and recap of ePharma's day one, please visit Rida's blog.

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