Thursday, March 16, 2017

ePharma 2017: “We must practice what we pitch”

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The 16th ePharma summit carried a brave headline -The Art and Science of Innovative Digital Strategy - for a reason.
Usually, when we talk innovation, we imply on technological advances that drive the industry forward. But it seems that more and more industry professionals start recognizing the fact that innovation goes far beyond the technology and involves a human factor.
“The Art and Science of Innovative Digital Strategy” had a well-defined human touch to it which served as the overarching theme for ePharma 2017 summit.
During the conference’ opening ceremony Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author Hug Your Haters, gave a head start presenting his perspective on innovation in pharma - integration of customer service in patient marketing.

J. Baer shared that customer experience is about expectations through customer service. Because the customers are so connected, they expect speedy resolutions to their problems, and we as pharma marketers, have to make sure we meet those expectations.

Here are just some of the thoughts Mr. Baer brought to our attention:

  • Weak customer service crashes sales and marketing;
  • No response IS a response. If you don’t answer customer’s complaint, that decreses customer advocacy by 50%
  • Hug Your Haters is a strategy - an attempt to address every complaint on every channel possible.
“Don’t be on a treadmill trying to catch customers”. We have to stop making excuses and start participating in the discussions.
To continue reading more about Jay's presentation on the customer experience please visit LinkedIn.

Written by Ksenia Newton, Digital Content Manager

Ksenia Newton is a digital content manager at KNect365, a conference company. In her free time, Ksenia likes to blog on different topics like events marketing, content marketing, social media, lifestyle and productivity in NYC, and the most current obsession – social media growth hacking techniques. You can reach her at: @ksenia_newton

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